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September 28 Special Meeting

Please be advised that there will be a Special Meeting of Council for the Rural Municipality on Thursday, September 28, 2023 @ 7:00pm in Council Chambers

Boil Water Advisory Rescinded

Boil Water Advisory Rescinded


As of 4:00pm on Tuesday August 29, 2023

the Boil Water Advisory for the Rural Municipality of Roland

is officially LIFTED

You may resume normal usage of water.

Waste Transfer Station Summer Hours

Waste Transfer Station Summer Hours

RM of Roland

Waste Transfer Station

Operating with EXTENDED HOURS

May - October

Tuesday : 9am -3pm

Thursday : 5pm-8pm

Saturday : 9am-3pm

Sump Pump

Sump Pump

Reminder to all Roland residents : your sump pump should NOT be connected to the sewer system. The output hose should take the water away from your house to a drainage ditch.

Board Director Needed

Board Director Needed

The Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation Board is looking to fill a membership opening for a citizen representative for the Rural Municipality of Roland


  • *Be a resident of the Rural Municipality of Roland
  • *Attend monthly meetings, every fourth Monday at 5:30pm either at Boundary Trails Health Centre or virtually
  • *As the Director you should be very comfortable and confident with approaching and connecting with businesses and individuals for support via attendance, participation and / or sponsorship
  • *The candidate should have a heartfelt passion for enhancing the healthcare of our region

Contact Shannon Samette-Folkett, Executive Director for BTHC Foundation, at 204-331-8808 or by email at office@bthcfoundation.ca with any questions about the board


    Contact the Rural Municipality of Roland office to apply to fill this role.

    Phone : 204-343-2061      Email : caormofroland@gmail.com


Dog Licensing

Dog Licensing

Licensing your dog just got easier!
Starting in 2021 we have implemented LIFETIME licenses for your furry friends. Cost is $50.00 and you don't need to worry about your annual renewal.
Contact the RM of Roland Office to register today!!
Registration Form
Library Memberships

Library Memberships

The RM of Roland Council has approved to cover up to $50.00 of 2023 membership fees at both the Boyne Regional Library (Carman) and the South Central Library (Winkler) for the residents of the RM.


If you would like to be reimbursed for your library membership fees for 2023, please pay for the fees yourself, and then show proof of purchase (receipt) to the RM of Roland office. 






Help Starts Here

Help Starts Here



Connect to Community Services

Abuse and Assault
Food & Clothing
Housing & Homelessness
Mental Health
Children & Parenting
Employment and Training
Legal Issues
Indigineous Peoples
Newcomers & Refugees
People with Disablilites
and more.....

 If it is an Emergency

  • For police, fire, and paramedics call 911.

  • If you need to talk to someone, call the Klinic crisis line at
    (204) 786-8686 or 1-888-322-3019.

  • For Health Links - call (204) 788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257.


Dog Walking 101

Dog Walking 101

  • Always walk your dog on the leash, it is for their protection, as much as yours.
  • Take a supply of doggie bags with you when you walk, or better yet, put a doggie bag dispenser on your leash, then you will never be caught unprepared.  Doggie bags are available at your local pet or dollar store, you can even choose bio-degradable or scented bags!

How to use a doggie bag

  • Place your hand inside the bag, like you are putting on a glove.
  • Make a claw-like circle with your fingers and then get as far under the "poo-pile" as possible before lifting up.
  • As you are picking up the "treasure" with one hand, pull the top edge of the bag down and round with the other hand.
  • The poo is contained, just tie a knot and dispose of the bag in your trash bin when you get home.

It works great,
no messy fingers or tools to clean

Your Neighbors will love you!


Genealogy & Local History Resourses

Genealogy & Local History Resourses

Roland Roots

Most likely the best resource you will ever find for our area.   Worthy of praise, and Many Thanks to the individuals that work endlessly on this project.  

The Fairview, Bethel and Myrtle cemeteries, final resting places for many of the original settlers of the Roland area.   "The burial records found on this website are not limited to tombstone inscriptions, they reflect the information available from the records of each cemetery. It is acknowledged that despite every effort some burials may never be identified. A database has been included identifying wherever possible the names of the parents of the deceased and, if applicable, any spouse or children. Common ancestors are also included so relationships between those interred may be traced."




Living Gold 1978 Evelyn Mullin 

If you have a resource you would like to share with others on the Genealogical Treasure Hunt, please feel free to submit the information to the Municipal Office.


Drainage Maintenance Program

Drainage Maintenance Program

Council would like your site specific DRAINAGE REQUESTS as early in the new year as possible for consideration this season.

Requests may be submitted to a Member of Council
or the RM Office.  

Drainage Request Forms are now available on our web site,
located under the headings "Municipality" and "Drainage".