Property Taxes

Property Assessment Information is available from the Morden Provincial Assessment Branch at:
101 - 11th Street
Morden, MB   R6M 2B3
Phone: 204-822-2900
and can also be obtained through the Government of Manitoba website at

PropertyTaxesProperty values are determined by the Assessment Branch and are based on market values.  When reviewing your assessment, compare it to other similar properties, ask yourself whether or not you would sell it for the assessed value, and contact the Assessment Branch for more detail.  If you disagree with the assessed value, you can appeal your assessment through the annual Board of Revision.  The R.M. of Roland Board of Revision is normally held in November each year.  The date and deadline for receipt of appeals will be advertised in advance.

Property Tax Payments are due by October 31 each year.

Payment Options:

  1. Cash or Cheque
  2. Post-dated cheques for October 31
  3. Telephone and Online Banking through TelPay, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, and CIBC. *Contact your Branch for information.
  4. Municipal Pre-Authorized Payment Plan; please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Enrollment Form and submit to the Municipal Office.

Pre-Authorized-Payment Enrollment-Form

Tax payments received after the due date will be subject to overdue charges at a rate of 1.25% per month, beginning November 1, and on the first day of each month thereafter, until paid.

2021 Financial Plan Summary

Total Municipal Levy $1,436,918
Other Revenue $101,000
Grants $242,500
Transfer from Reserve $125,000
RM Revenues $1,905,418
School Requisitions $2,417,030
TOTAL $4,322,448


Summary of 2021 Mill Rates

General Municipal:

Municipal Services 5.584
Machinery Replacement Reserve 0.594
Building Reserve 0.048
Fire Equipment Reserve 0.095


Special Levies:

L.I.D 1 & 2 Roland/Myrtle 0.905
Waste Collection: Roland $171.60
  Rural $55.00


Local Improvements:

PCH $115.24



Provincial Foundation Rate – Commercial 8.809
Division Levies:  
  Red River Valley 12.340
  Prairie Rose 10.544
  Garden Valley 13.680
  Western 13.640



General Gov. (office, council etc.) $323,000
Protective Services (fire, flood) $103,000
Transportation Services (Public Works) $863,000
Environmental Health Services $70,000
Public Health & Welfare $11,000
Environmental Development Services $25,000
Economic Development Services $13,000
Recreation & Cultural Services $150,129
Fiscal Services $192,289
Funds to Reserves $155,000

Questions regarding education taxes should be directed to your School Division office.

View the 2021 Financial Plan Presentation