Water Utilities

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The R.M. of Roland is a member of the Pembina Valley Water Co-op. All water is supplied from the Co-op’s water treatment plant at Morris.

The Village of Roland is serviced with a water and sewer system. The service connection fee is $2,000.00.

Rural properties are serviced by an extensive water distribution system. Approximately 80% of rural homes are currently serviced. Please call the RM Office for quotes on new water connections.

Water Rates

Effective January 1, 2020.

1. Commodity rates per M.G.
Water Sewer Water & Sewer
All water consumption per 1000 gal $13.43 $4.25 $17.68
per cubic meter $2.96 $0.94 $3.90
2. Minimum Charges, Quarterly

Notwithstanding the Commodity rates set forth in paragraph 1 hereof, all customers will pay the applicable minimum charges set out below, which will include water allowances indicated:

2a. Water and Sewer Customers

Minimum charge will be the same for each meter size as shown above, but the Sewer Commodity Charge will be excluded.

Meter Size Capacity Water Included Gallons(cu.m.) Customer Service Charge Commodity Water Charges Sewer Total Quarterly Minimum
5/8” 1 3,000 (14) $6.59 $40.29 $12.75 $59.63
3/4” 2 6,000 (28) $6.59 $80.59 $25.50 $112.67
1” 4 12,000 (56) $6.59 $161.16 $51.00 $218.75
1 1/2” 10 30,000 (140) $6.59 $402.90 $127.50 $536.99
2” 25 75,000 (350) $6.59 $1,007.25 $318.75 $1,332.59

2b. Water Only Customers

Minimum charge will be the same for each meter size as shown above, but the sewer commodity charge will be excluded.

3. Bulk Sales Rate

All water sold in bulk by the Rural Municipality of Roland shall be charged for at the rate of $17.24 per 1,000 gallons.

4. Billings and Penalties

Accounts shall be billed quarterly, and shall be due and payable 30 days after date of billing. A late payment charge of 1.25% per month shall be charged on the dollar amount owing after the billing due date.

THAT all accounts for minimum quarterly charges for metered services as set forth in the Schedule of Quarterly Rates shall be billed quarterly in advance together with any excess charges for metered water and sewer services for the preceding quarter.

5. Disconnection

Service may be disconnected and discontinued immediately and without further notice in the event of non-payment of the account within 30 days after due date.

6. Reconnection

Any service disconnected for any reason shall not be reconnected until all regulations have been complied with, and all arrears, penalties and a reconnection fee of $15.00 have been paid.

7. Outstanding Bills

Pursuant to Section 252(2) of The Municipal Act, the amount of all outstanding charges for water and sewer service are a lien and charge upon the land serviced, and shall be collected in the same manner in which ordinary taxes upon the land are collectible, and with like remedies.

Payment Options:
  1. Cash or Cheque
  2. Telephone and Online Banking through TelPay, Royal Bank, Scotiabank, and CIBC. *Contact your Branch for information.
  3. Municipal Pre-Authorized Payment Plan; please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Enrollment Form and submit to the Municipal Office.

Pre-Authorized-Payment Enrollment-Form